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True Pike Freshman Scholarship

In the fall of 2022, the Pi Kappa Alpha Zeta Chi chapter at Missouri state university will be awarding two $500 scholarships to incoming freshmen to cover the cost of books and school necessities.

What is it?

The True Pike Freshman scholarship is awarded to an incoming freshman that exemplifies the four pillars of Pi Kappa Alpha (Scholars, Leaders, Athlete, Gentleman),  but also the fraternity's true values. The Zeta Chi chaper here at missouri state university believes in an experience that includes academic excellence, serving the community, leadershp qualities, campus presence, and individual development that will prepare you for sucsess in life. Pi Kappa Alpha is dedicated to finding men who show appreciation of what it means to have to have commitment to themselves, their brothers, fraternity, and the community.

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Filling Out a Form

How to apply

The scholarship application deadline is August 19, 2022, the scholarship applicant will be interviewed diligently. The scholarship application is very easy to access and apply. If you have any questions regarding the scholarship, please contact our scholarship chair, Kody Doan


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