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Robert Adger Smythe Award recipients:




The Robert Adger Smythe Award is the most prestigious award a Pi Kappa Alpha chapter can recieve. It is only awarded to the top 5 percent of chapters in the US and Canada.

Robert Adger Smythe Award Winner Zeta Chi Pike pi kappa alpha missouri state university zeta chi

FSL Awards


Outstanding Membership Development:

Zeta Chi achieved a 100% New Member retention rate in the fall of 2022, and was awarded the Outstanding Membership Development award for 2023

- Outstanding Fraternity Freshman

2023 Internal Vice-President, Connor Cline, received the Outstanding Fraternity Freshman award in recognition for his outstanding work in developing not only our chapter, but our FSL community as a whole.

2023 Homecoming   Champions

Throughout a week packed with events, the men of Pi Kappa Alpha paired with the women of Sigma Sigma Sigma came home victorious, winning the 2023 Homecoming competition! 

2023 Greek Week Champions

After months of preparation, and a week packed full of activities, Pi Kappa Alpha and Delta Zeta came home in 1st place of 2023 Greek Week. Along side this momentous victory, we placed 3rd in Greek Jam!

2019 Greek Week Champions

Alongside the amazing women of Delta Zeta and after months of preparation, we were fortunate enough to follow up our Homecoming Victory with a Greek Week win as well.

2019 Greek Week Champions
2018 MSU Yell Like Hell Champions

2018 Homecoming Champions

This victory came alongside our brother Tyler Swearingin representing PIKE as a Homecoming King Candadite. Winning various events throughout the week including a first place in Yell Like Hell, and a second place finish in the float. Alongside the lovely ladies of Alpha Sigma Alpha and Xi Omicron Iota we won the title of Homecoming Champions.

2018 Yell Like Hell Champions
2019 Yell Like Hell Champions
2019 MSU Yell Like Hell Champions

Community Service Record

3,684 Hours

Fall 2018 Bloody Cup Champions

Chapter obtained over a 3.1 GPA three semesters running

Intramural Champions pi kappa alpha zeta chi missouri state university pike

2017 Soccer Champions

2018 Soccer Champions

2022 Soccer Champions

2019 Softball Champions

Pi Kappa Alpha Softball League
  • Nick Broom - President of Dance Marathon

Dance Marathon President
Screenshot 2023-07-13 at 12.48.19 AM.png
  • Blake Smith - IFC Director of Marketing 2022-23

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