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“PIKE has forged my definition of a true college experience. Originally joining for nothing more than a resume boost, I quickly learned the power of a fraternal experience, and the difference Zeta Chi offers. Joining for me at first was a strategic approach, getting involved where I could to prepare myself for interviews each Summer, and jobs after college. A particular passion for our values sparked after hearing various alumni speak of what they once had. Zeta Chi during our re-chartering process, offered me a brotherhood I couldn’t experience elsewhere. 100+ men with the same values to succeed as a fraternity, quickly bonded everyone for not only four years, but for life. To this day, I recall the stories of struggling boys becoming men, and the brotherhood displayed to help each other succeed. The fraternity has allowed me to watch others challenge each other to be the best man they can be, and something that I am truly proud of. To this day, I talk to my brothers every single week, if not day, and my trust within them will never fade. Zeta Chi – and PIKE – has been embedded in my heart, now, and forever, even now into my career, where our company has a PIKE alumni association which is still strong and active.”


Derek Pon, Former Chapter President

“A decision to run with the ranks of Pi Kappa Alpha stands tall as one of the best in my life. It set stage for numberless lasting friendships accompanied by compounded personal growth and development, and I today proudly smile upon any one of countless fond memories. The draw to PIKE is often the social benefit, and while there is no better social plug, one discovers it is worthwhile ideals and a thriving brotherhood that breathes with you a lifetime. PIKE compels its men to exceed new heights personally, professionally, and academically which collectively guarantees success for the organization at large. Before PIKE never would I expect a fraternity to spark the best version of myself. Today there is no question it was a decision made in all my wisdom at eighteen years young to rush the Zeta Chi Chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha that continues to pay dividends time and time again.” 


Tyler Jones, Former Chapter President

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